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Installation and wiring

well-equipped installation department

Inspection from A to Z

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with flexible machinery

Conventional assembly

SMD Assembly
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Installation and wiring

Azteco electronics has a well-equipped installation department where complete apparatus such as 19" racks and driving systems etc are built.

Our installation department is where the assembled, tested and coated circuit boards provided by the sub-department are put together, mounted and wired.

At your request, we can carry out a final test on the fully built unit. We can also ensure that it is packed in its definitive packaging, including specifications and instructions, and sent directly to your client without you having to lift a finger!

Inspection from A to Z

Elke stap in ons productie proces wordt gevolgd door een intensieve kwaliteitscontrole. Dit gebeurt met speciale optische inspectieappatuur. SMD wordt standaard met de automatische inspectie macine gecontroleerd, BGA’s met eigen X-ray. Bij demontage van SMD componenten, ook BGA’s, maken we gebruik van computer controlled reparatietools, waardoor het soldeerprofiel perfect reproduceerbaar is.

Inspectie bij assemblage
Prototyping Azteco electronics


Thanks to the flexible machinery, the ERP system and the establishment of the people, Azteco is able to respond very fast to customer questions with regard to production of prototypes. When our project managers are informed early, long lead items already been purchased before the start of your PCB design.

Conventional assembly

Our conventional assembly process is made flexible with the use of semi-automatic assembly tables with integrated paternosters.

By using combinations from our standard stock, your electronic data and client-specific components, we are able to keep the setting-up time, and hence your start-up costs, to a minimum.

In short, its possible for us to quickly change tack in the design and manufacturing process. This is also why it is possible for us to work on a "size 1series" basis.

Printplaat assemblage conventioneel
Print assemblage SMD

SMD Assembly

We manufacture with the most flexible pick-and-place machines. These machines are equipped with the degree of accuracy that current day and future electro-technology demands (e.g. BGA's and micro-BGA's).

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